Restaurant Gift Certificates Often Give Multiple Options

When restaurant gift certificates were first introduced, they offered flexible options to the holder of the certificate. As brands have grown however, and multinational corporations have taken over the day to day operations of many chain food restaurants, their gift options have grown by a large margin. Many of America's favorite places to eat are now owned by corporate giants, which have begun allowing customers to use their gift cards at all of the chain's sister restaurants.

This allows even more flexibility for fans of restaurant gift certificates. Some of the most popular fast food brands in the country are actually part of much larger corporations. Two of America's top 10 favorite fast food eateries are members of the same fast food family. It isn't just fast food outlets that are small parts of a much larger family. Several of America's favorite casual dining establishments are also owned by the same company, such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden. What's striking is that most often different restaurants in the same family will have completely different offerings. With the same restaurant gift certificate, you can have Italian food for lunch and seafood for dinner. This ease of transition between different food styles has made the integrated restaurant gift certificate extremely popular. They have become so popular in fact, that you can often see them prominently displayed at the checkout line of major grocery and big-box retailers.

The "economy of concept" saves millions of dollars per year for restaurants, since they only have to worry about payment infrastructure for a single type of card. More importantly it saves a great deal of room in a purse or wallet. After all, what's the use of having a restaurant gift certificate if you don't have it on you when you're hungry?

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